The Foreign Ministry assessed Ukraine’s demand for the return of the USSR’s property

On Smolenskaya Square, Kiev’s claims to foreign assets of the USSR were rejected. The official response of the representative of the department Maria Zakharova is published on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

It is noted that journalists asked Maria Zakharova to comment on the statement of the Ambassador of Ukraine to the UK Vadim Pristayko, in which he demanded that Russia return a third of the foreign assets of the former USSR.

Ukraine demanded from the Russian Federation to return a third of the remaining foreign property of the USSR

The diplomat stressed that “the statement is populist in nature and has no grounds.”

She explained that the Russian Federation acts as the legal debtor of the USSR. This status is recognized by international organizations, including the International Court of Justice of the United Nations. According to Zakharova, the decision to act as such by the Russian Federation entailed not only ownership rights to foreign property, but also obligations.

Among which a special place was occupied by the requirements for the payment of the external state debt of the Union. Russia paid the money without resorting to the help of the authorities of Ukraine and other countries that were part of the USSR.

Thus, Moscow considers the issue of ownership of foreign real estate to be finally settled, the rights to assets are indisputable, and attempts to revise anything are without legal grounds.