Get to know yourself better: a personality diagnostics workshop has opened in Technograd

Career Development Center of the innovation and educational complex “Technograd” opened a personality diagnostics workshop at VDNH. It is possible to pass a four-stage computer testing and face-to-face consultation with a psychologist. It will help to interpret the result and adjust the necessary parameters if necessary.

Anyone over the age of 18 can enroll in the workshop through the form on the website. Testing takes place full-time on weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00.

At the first stage of testing, personal characteristics that affect a person’s professional orientation and the solution of work issues are investigated. Among them are preferred team roles, behavior in conflicts, planning and organization of tasks.

The second stage reveals the characteristics of the character as a whole, the assessment is carried out according to 16 parameters. They include communicative properties, emotional and intellectual characteristics of a person, adequacy of self-esteem. Testing allows you to look at yourself from the outside, find out which features are most pronounced, determine leadership potential and ability to act in stressful situations.

The third set of questions is the study of intelligence and the ability to concentrate attention. Its results show which basic skills can be improved to increase efficiency in life and in career.

The fourth stage of testing concerns the actual emotional state. The test participants will find out what is happening to them at the moment, whether there are signs of emotional burnout or stress. Based on the results, they will receive recommendations for reducing stress and optimizing the condition.

After the diagnosis, the participants receive the results in printed form and go to a consultation with psychologists of the career development center. Based on the results of testing, you can enroll in different courses.

The Technograd complex is a unique educational platform that offers a new format of career guidance, training and cognitive leisure. One of the areas of his work is the career development center, where specialists help in finding professions, career planning and employment. The project is supervised by the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of Moscow.