New British Prime Minister: Sunak on the phone with US President Biden and Zelenskyj

In a telephone call with US President Biden, the new British Prime Minister Rishi Sunal announced close cooperation in the future and assured Zelenskyi of continued support.

On his first evening as British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak agreed to work closely with the Presidents of the US and Ukraine. Sunak first telephoned Volodymyr Zelenskyj and assured him of further support, then with US President Biden. The close connection between the USA and Great Britain was emphasized and further close cooperation was agreed, including in security policy, it said after the call from Downing Street.

The complicated situation in the British province of Northern Ireland, which Biden, as President with Irish roots, is said to be particularly close to his heart, was also discussed. The statement from London said Biden and Sunak agreed that the peace agreement known as the Good Friday Agreement for the former civil war region must be preserved and protected.

Sunak also called Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Welsh Prime Minister Mark Drakeford that evening – something Sunak’s predecessor Liz Truss had not done throughout her seven-week tenure and had been criticized by regional governments.