With Paustovsky to Meshchera, with Prishvin to the North: Russpass told about the writers’ travels


Digital travel service Russpass has prepared a selection dedicated to the travels of Russian writers. From it you can learn about the picturesque area between Ryazan and Vladimir, a homemade mobile home, the first tourist aerial photography and other interesting places and objects that inspired the masters of the word to create literary works.

Konstantin Paustovsky said: “Almost every book of mine is a trip. Or rather, every trip is a book.” One of his novels, “The Meshcherskaya Side”, is dedicated to traveling through Meshchera — a picturesque area between Ryazan and Vladimir. Now there is an eco-route “Paustovsky Trail” in these parts. Visitors to the national park “Meshchersky” can walk here at any time of the year, choosing to travel segments ranging from six to 50 kilometers. On the way there are places described in the works of the writer.

Travel had a great influence on the work of the writer and journalist. In the 1960s, he made a one-and-a-half-year expedition to the USSR by helicopter and flew even to the Far East, and later published a book with travel essays and photographs from his journey. Peskov was impressed by the views of Karelia, Chukotka and the Russian North, and after visiting the Far East, he was able to see the volcanoes of the Kuril Islands. You can find out what other places impressed the writer on the website of the tourist service.

The famous saying “Three things make a person happy: love, an interesting job and the opportunity to travel” belongs to. Among his works there are short essays about traveling around Moscow and the surrounding area. They also mention the museum-estate of Leo Tolstoy in Khamovniki and St. Danilov Monastery.

Mikhail Prishvin, like his colleagues, also drew inspiration from trips. For example, he made a mobile home and drove to Kostroma. The writer wanted to see how the Volga overflows and nature wakes up in spring. The adventure inspired him to create the story “Undressed Spring”. In the collection of Russpass you can read about the ethnographic expedition of Mikhail Prishvin to the North.

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