Laughing: Laughter kills in four ways – believe it or not, here’s the reason

Why our elders say that laughter is done in four ways.. You will understand after reading this completely. Before talking about the bad.. let’s know about the good of laughing. Some studies have shown that laughing is good for health and improves the immune system. Laughter is also said to relieve anxiety and stress. Laughter increases fertility in women. Laughter.. produces happy hormones and provides health. But, now let’s look at the disadvantages of laughing. 

Everything has a limit. That also applies to laughter. Light laughter is good for health. But excessive laughter is good for health. Especially many people make others laugh. It is said that people can lose their lives when they laugh uncontrollably. It kills in four ways.  

1. Difficulty breathing

Laughing too hard can also cause breathing problems. Laughter interferes with breathing. Laughter does not get enough oxygen to the brain. However, statistics show that the number of deaths recorded from this cause is very low. According to medical experts from the University of California, Los Angeles, US, some cases of people dying of laughter due to asphyxiation or cardiac arrest have been reported, which are very rare deaths. This is not a big problem especially for healthy people. People suffering from blood vessel problems, epilepsy and aneurysm problems are said to be more dangerous. 

2. Brain undergoes ‘Aneurysm’

‘Aneurysm’ It means weakening of blood vessels. When blood vessels become abnormally inflamed, they swell and rupture. As a result the victims are at risk of dying. Laughing hard puts pressure on the blood vessels and there is a risk of them bursting. However, you should remember one thing. Laughter does not cause aneurysms. In those who already suffer from problems with blood vessels, ‘aneurysm’ occurs. Victims are not even aware that this problem exists. When such people laugh hard, ‘aneurysm’ will burst.  

3. Epilepsy

Some people cannot control their laughter at all. It can lead to gelatinous epilepsy. There is a risk of fainting. Medical experts say that the cause of this condition is a small tumor in the hypothalamus. 4. Asthma 

Extremely emotional situations such as intense laughter or intense crying can trigger asthma. The way we breathe changes when we are emotional. For example, when we cry, we try to control our breathing. Take a deep breath. This is called hyperventilating. This narrows your airways. As a result, the chest becomes tight. They suffer from problems like cough and shortness of breath. According to a 2009 study, more than 40 percent of 105 patients with asthma were found to have developed asthma because of laughter. Asthma sufferers are in danger if they laugh hard. 

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