Tomato Powder: Make tomato powder like this, curries are sure to get a new taste

Tomato Powder: It is difficult to predict when tomato prices will increase and when they will decrease. Sometimes they sit on a hill. Tomatoes fetched up to Rs.200 per kg this year. When tomato prices are low, if you dry them once and store them, you can use them throughout the year. It also tastes good. If you put it in curries, you are sure to get tasty guru. If you want a new flavor to your dishes, try this tomato powder. 

Very easy to make
Tomato prices are low these days. Tomatoes are likely to spoil quickly if they are bought in excess. If you keep it dry like this, it will last for several days. First buy three kilos of tomatoes. Slice them thinly. It doesn’t matter if it is cut in any shape. But spread thin. It dries quickly if cut in circles. Dry them in the red sun. If you put them in a bowl, they should make a sound. After that put it in the mixer and beat the powder. Some people use it as a fluffy powder. Others do it harshly. It gives a good flavor to any curries. Chicken, mutton and egg curries add a little onion and add this tomato powder and it will give more ghee. The combination of chicken eggs and tomato powder is amazing. 

There are those who hide tomatoes as puree. Put the tomatoes in the mixer and make a smooth paste. Place in an airtight container and season with salt. Keep it in the fridge. It stays fresh for a couple of months. After that, there is a possibility that the smell will change. Depending on your need, decide whether to store it dry or puree it. Tomatoes are good for health no matter how they are eaten. Tomatoes are very good for people with diabetes. Chromium in it prevents blood glucose levels from rising. Eating tomatoes can prevent many types of cancer. Tomato contains lycopene. It is essential for our health. Eating tomatoes every day can protect us from many diseases. The prices of tomatoes are now affordable for everyone. So now the tomato can be dried.

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