Condoms vs Birth Control Pills: Are condoms better for sex life? Are birth control pills better?

Birth Control Methods : Some people think they don’t want children either because of family problems.. or because of some health reasons.. or because of financial reasons. But children are not the only ones who want to stay away from sex. And how to solve this? Also condoms, pills. Using these two.. they are close to sexual life. But what effect do these have on the physical and mental health of the woman? Do these also affect your sex life? So which of these two is better?

It is very important to choose the right condoms and pills. Whether you know it or not, a survey has concluded that it affects your sex drive. Both condoms and pills are well-known ways to prevent pregnancy. But apart from these two benefits.. they also give some effects. Experts say that these have a long-term effect on your sex life.
Are condoms better?

Did you know? Libido decreases in men due to use of condoms. It is said to lead to impotence. In some, it takes away sexual pleasure… or completely kills those desires. But there is currently no evidence to prove this. But many believe it. 

However, experts say that condoms are a better option than birth control pills. Because these pills affect the hormonal balance. It negatively affects the functioning of the woman’s body. can cause unwanted side effects. Moreover, condoms are available at a much cheaper price than pills. They prevent sexual infections. They provide protection from STD, HIV etc. 

Birth Control Pills Better?

Birth Control Pills are very effective in preventing pregnancy. However.. these lead to some side effects. The first of which is a decrease in libido. Libido decreases in women due to changes in hormones caused by taking pills. Generally, women’s sexual desire decreases with any reason. But these pills can make this problem worse. Besides, due to changes in hormones, they also suffer from mental problems. 

So when you want to prevent pregnancy, you have to choose the right one. Consult your doctor if you have to choose between these two. They will tell you what is best for you keeping in mind your health conditions and mental states. Or any other methods they suggest. 

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