Telugu Recipes: Sweet and Sour Chickpea Chapati is healthy for everyone

Telugu Recipes: Chapati is boring to eat alone. Try the Chukkakurura Chapati once and it will be very tasty. If you eat it with an egg, the taste will be overpowering. Those who don’t eat beetroot, make chapatis like this and eat it to get the nutrients. >Wheat flour – one cup
Cumin powder – half spoon
Corriander powder – half spoon
Salt – To taste 
Pepper – half a spoon
Oil – three spoons

Preparation as
Cut the beetroot and wash it in clean water. Put a pan on the stove and add a spoonful of ghee. After the ghee heats up, add jaggery and fry it. Add salt, cumin powder, chilli powder and coriander powder and mix. When the cumin is close, the stove should be closed. Now prepare the chapati batter. Add a drop of curry mixture to it and mix well. Now cut it into small balls and press them like chapatis and put them on the pan and bake them. If you eat it with chicken egg curry or chicken curry, the taste will be overwhelming. They prevent many types of skin diseases. Hair and skin are healthy. It prevents the problem of constipation. Improves eyesight. It has the power to prevent jaundice. People suffering from rheumatism are very healthy if they eat a drop of curry every day. It helps the bones to become strong. Women and children are often affected by the problem of anemia. Chukkakuru has the power to get rid of that problem. Make sure to eat at least twice a week. Kids may not like dishes made with curry powder. It is very good to make chapatis like this for such people.  Cilantro has the power to naturally reduce pain and inflammation in the body. If you want to grow thick hair, you should make a habit of eating dokka curry. This leafy vegetable should also be included in the diet to make the skin light. It will do you good in every way. Many people cook it as a curry by putting dried prawns in Chukka curry. It is also very good for health.

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