Joint Pains in Winter : Check joint pains with these yogasanas

Joint Pains Relief Tips: Knee pains are one of the health problems that many people have in winter. In winters the knees are affected by the temperature. Otherwise, an accident that happened sometime before will start causing taluka pains. Knee pains are more common in elderly people. But nowadays many people are approaching this problem regardless of age. Especially in winter they are facing a lot of discomfort. But yoga experts say that these joint pains can be checked with some yogasanas.

Many chronic problems can be checked with yoga. Joint pains can also be reduced with yogasanas. Certain yoga poses strengthen the muscles around your knee. Reduces pain and discomfort. Now let’s find out which asanas can remove this problem. 


This asana increases stability in the knees and provides better blood circulation. This relieves pain and discomfort. To do this asana..stand with your feet apart. Stretch your arms straight above your head. Now lifting the feet.. press on the toes. This asana gives you relief from joint pains. 


Trikonasana strengthens the knees. Leg muscles are stretched in this asana. The pressure on the knee is reduced and the pain is relieved. Keep the legs apart. Turn your right foot out..stretching it..bend your body. Stretch the body so that the left hand is on the left foot. Do this on the other side as well. Doing this will reduce the stress on the knees. Improves blood circulation to the entire body.

Warrior Pose

This asana is very easy to do. Keep the legs away. Stretch the body towards the right leg.. Extend the arms horizontally. Do the same on the other side. It strengthens the knee muscles. Gives them energy. Besides, it also helps in weight loss. 


This asana is very easy among the asanas to reduce knee pain. Staying on one leg.. Put the rod on the head with hands. It can be started with wall support. Gradually the habit of standing on one leg without any support will be lost. It not only relieves knee pain but also increases your concentration. 

Bridge Asana

You have to lie down to do this asana. While raising your legs.. bring your feet to their place. Now lift the body up keeping the neck and head on the ground. Make sure your body is parallel to the head and knees. This asana strengthens the muscles. Melts fat on thighs and buttocks. It also plays a vital role in weight loss. 

Child Pose

Finally Balasana. This asana relaxes you. Your body will be very relaxed while doing this asana. Reduces tension in the knees and provides relief from discomfort. Kneel first.. sit on your feet. Now move forward stretching your body. Stretch your arms out.. and press your chest to the floor. This asana reduces joint pains. Especially the back pain also decreases. If you do these asanas under the supervision of yoga experts, you can get even better results. 

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