Beetroot Juice Benefits : Just drink this juice straight away.. There is no harm to beauty and health.

Beetroot Juice Recipe : Many people take beetroot in their diet as it is good for health. Some don’t even go for it. If you are one of them then you should definitely try beetroot juice. Because you don’t want to eat a single vegetable.. but you are avoiding many health benefits of it. Not only for health.. this juice also works wonders for beauty. But some may not like the taste of beetroot. Such people can make the juice tasty in this way. This way you can also get the benefits of beetroot juice. 


Beetroot – 2 (peeled.. cut into pieces)

Coriander – a little

Orange – 1

Lemon -1 tsp

Water enough

Method of preparation

Add beetroot, orange juice, lemon juice, coriander… and mix it in a juicer or grinder. If you want it thinner you can add water to it. It is good for health even if it is filtered and drunk. But for those who don’t like to take beetroot.. orange flavor is good. Moreover, the vitamin C in it gives good benefits to your beauty and health. Drinking lemon juice early in the morning also has many health benefits. Every ingredient used in it also gives you many health benefits.

Especially beetroot is rich in nitrate, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. They provide essential nutrients to the body. Nitrates in it.. are converted into nitrite oxides and improve blood circulation speed. Thus blood pressure is controlled. Vitamin C in it also keeps diabetes under control. Many studies have proved that among those who drink beetroot juice, the blood circulation in the brain is fast even in old age.. they are active in thinking. It also prevents the lips from drying out. Improves liver function. Tissue increases in pregnant women. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer compounds protect the body from cancerous free radicals. The fiber in beetroot reduces hunger and flushes out toxins. Thus weight can be reduced. You can get good results if you drink this beneficial juice every day. 

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