Jaggery Tea: Try jaggery instead of sugar in tea, it is very healthy

Jaggery Tea: Winter is here. These cold winds have a severe effect on the body. So it is very important to eat foods that boost immunity and keep body temperature under control. Drinking hot tea in winter is very soothing. But try adding jaggery instead of sugar in that tea. Due to this there are many benefits in winter. Reduces cold. There are also other benefits.

Jamgar is rich in iron. This reduces the problem of anemia. Also the immune system becomes stronger. It contains nutrients like calcium, iron, vitamin B and potassium. All these together boost immunity. Cold, cough, fever etc. are not affected. Jaggery tea is also a good choice for those who want to lose weight. It speeds up the metabolism and helps in quick weight loss. Women should definitely drink ginger tea. Drinking this will reduce many problems during periods. Stomach ache and cramps are controlled.

It has the property of removing waste. So if you drink jaggery tea daily, your stomach, intestines and lungs will be cleansed. Those who drink this tea do not get problems like constipation. It is good for digestion. Prevents problems like indigestion. People suffering from digestive problems will be healthy by drinking ginger tea. These are high in antioxidant properties. So this tea is very good for physical and mental health. Jaggery purifies the blood. It improves metabolism. It also prevents gas problems. It also reduces the problem of flatulence. Drinking ginger tea especially for pregnant women has many benefits. It is essential to drink this tea every morning. Eating jaggery reduces joint pain. They harden the bones. Jaggery is said to be an unrefined sugar that increases the percentage of hemoglobin in the blood. Eating a small piece of jaggery a day can bring these benefits. 

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