Thirsty Reasons : Feeling extremely thirsty? These diseases may be the cause!

Health Tips Telugu: Our body needs water very much. Whenever the body needs water, it feels thirsty. This is a normal process. But if you are thirsty again and again.. you must understand that there are some internal problems in your body. This can lead to fatal consequences later. So it should not be ignored at all. 

There can be many reasons for frequent thirst. Excessive thirst is common during summer. Not much to worry about. But apart from these reasons, if you are thirsty again and again, you should recognize the signs of many health problems. Now let’s know the reasons for frequent thirst. 


When you feel thirsty again and again.. it can be a symptom of diabetes. In medical terms this is called polydipsia. Diabetes actually causes insulin not to work. Glucose starts coming out of the urine. Due to glucose in the urine, more water is needed. Also there is frequent urination. If you have these symptoms then you should understand that you may have diabetes. Immediately consult a doctor and take appropriate advice and instructions. 


When there is not enough water in the body, the body gets dehydrated. This problem arises due to excessive sweating or fever. 


Many of us use various medicines. Moreover, some drugs often cause diuretic symptoms. Due to this there is a chance of excessive thirst. 

Other problems:

Some other problems like kidney disease or liver disease can also cause excessive thirst. 


This happens when your body doesn’t produce enough insulin or doesn’t use insulin effectively. This causes excessive thirst.

Dry mouth:

When your mouth feels dry and parched, you feel thirsty. This is due to the gland in the mouth not being able to produce enough saliva. Sometimes this gland in the mouth gets blocked after taking medicine. Moreover, some diseases like cancer can also cause dry mouth. If there is saliva in the mouth, there is bad breath, change in taste and problem in the gums. This is often due to many other reasons like thirst. 


Generally if you have less blood in your body.. you feel thirsty. It means that even when the blood RBC is low, you feel thirsty again and again. 

Dizzy :

Thirst when you feel very dizzy. Apart from this, even when one is very tired and weak, one feels thirsty again and again.

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