Herbal Tea: This herbal tea is a must drink during winters

Herbal Tea: Winter is here. Temperatures are dropping a lot. As the temperatures decrease, the immunity in the body also decreases. The body can be healthy only if it gets enough temperature. That’s why many people like to drink coffee and tea in winter. But no matter how many regular teas and coffees you drink, it will not be of much use. Drinking this herbal tea keeps the body warm and also boosts immunity. This herbal tea can be made healthy only with the spices available at home. Take a small piece of cinnamon, three cardamoms, five peppercorns and grind them to a fine powder. Now pour water in a bowl and add this powder. Add half spoon of Ashwagandha powder and quarter spoon of powder and boil it. After boiling for ten minutes, strain it and pour it in a cup. Drinking this tea while hot is very beneficial.

Problems like gas, colic and indigestion come in winter. This happens because the food eaten is not digested properly. This herbal tea has the power to get rid of this problem. It encourages the digestive system to function well. It also helps in boosting immunity in the body. It protects against infections like cold, cough, sore throat. Many people find it difficult to sleep at night during winter. Such people can sleep well by drinking this tea. It also helps in weight loss. It melts excess fat in the body. This tea is also very beneficial for those suffering from mental anxiety and stress. Drinking it is very good for health. Especially this herbal tea gives the body strength to withstand cold in winter. Regulates body temperature. So make a habit of drinking this tea at least twice a day. It is good to drink this tea only in winter. If you drink a lot of this tea in summer, it is likely to make you hot. 

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