Earwax : Is earwax dangerous if not cleaned? Be careful if you do this!

Earwax : Earwax is very irritating. Sometimes it causes the ear canal to get blocked and even cause hearing loss. But ENT experts suggest that you should not clean the earwax as you like, if you do this there is a risk of hearing loss. Earwax is actually a sticky substance that forms inside the ear of everyone. Keratin is a protein inside the ear. On the skin, dead cells, fat, cholesterol, and sequalin waste materials form together into a thick lump. But many people have a misconception that Gulimi is very dangerous. But actually ear wax works as a protection for us. 

Ear wax.. prevents dust from going near the eardrum and dust and insects from entering so that our hearing power is not damaged. Doctors also warn that there is a risk of bacterial fungal infections in the ear if too much earwax is removed. ENT experts say that earwax is good and earwax is dangerous is just a myth. However, when earwax accumulates in the ear, there is a possibility of hearing loss, so it is suggested to take the help of medical professionals to remove the earwax. But some people try to remove earwax with their own medicine but experts suggest to refrain from such attempts. 

Some people put garlic cloves in the ear to remove earwax, but medical experts warn that doing this is very dangerous. In fact, earwax is indicated as a hard glue-like substance for some and as a powder for others. But the reason for this is said to be a hereditary trait. Many researches have also been done on this. It has been concluded that in African and European people, earwax is formed in the form of glue, and in the same East Asian countries, earwax is formed in the form of powder.

Safe method to remove earwax:

Usually The process of removal is naturally taken care of by the structure inside our ear. As soon as the earwax accumulates, it turns into lumps and comes out. That’s why experts suggest to avoid human effort as much as possible to remove earwax. 

To clean the earwax, cotton or wet wash‌cloth‌ Experts suggest using However, it is advised not to insert anything into the ear canal. However, if there is pain inside the ear, dizziness, and hearing loss, experts warn that you should immediately consult a doctor and do not try to remove the earwax, if you do so, there is a risk of further injury.

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