How to travel Goa in low budget? : Budget Friendly Goa Trip.. Best to go during Christmas.. Because?

Budget Friendly Goa Trip : There is someone in every gang.. Let’s go to Goa at any time. Even if someone in your gang wants to go on a tour like this, there will definitely be people who want to go to Goa. Goa fever is definitely present in bachelors especially boys. But due to many reasons, those plans become a bit of a biscuit. But if you plan correctly, going to Goa is not a big problem. It is a place where girls can go with their gang. But what is the best time to go to this tourist place? Where to stay? Where to shop? Now let’s know in detail how to go to the tourist spots. 

Because it is Christmas time?

When you want to go to Goa, the first thing you should think about is when to go. ? What will be the budget? You can explore a lot if you go to Goa during December.. especially during Christmas. Many people think Goa is good in summer but.. if you go in winter especially in December you can enjoy very happily. Everyone knows how famous the church is in Goa. If you go at that time.. more people from faran will come there. You will be able to learn about new culture and traditions. Do you know another benefit of traveling during Christmas? Carnivals can be seen more. Since Christmas and New Year are near, they do various carnivals to attract tourists. These will double the kick of your trip. 

How to reduce the budget?

How many days do we go on a budget? how are we going How many people are coming with us? Where are you staying? What do you want to shop there? These main points will decide your budget. Generally, if the gang is more, the budget will be less. If you want to go in a car with friends… who can drive? It should also be in your plan. Because it is very difficult to drive that distance alone. Apart from that if you go in your vehicle.. you can explore many places on the way to and from. Besides, there is a chance that the budget will also be a little less. This has another benefit.. that is.. even in Goa you can go to different places in your vehicle. Otherwise, if you book cabs and bikes there, you will spend a lot of money. Can’t cover more places. In some places, if you rent a bike for four hours, they ask Rs.2000. So if you take your vehicle you will reduce this burden.

Train? the bus Airplane?

Now let’s see if you want to travel by train, bus or air. If you want to go to Goa on a perfect budget, it is better if you plan these things a month in advance. Because the ticket prices increase as the festival approaches. The train journey will be quite convenient for you, but you need to block the tickets for this a month in advance. If there is one benefit of flying, it is the travel time. By going in it you can reach the destination quickly. But for this you have to be very patient. Because you have to reach the airport an hour before. Also, after landing in Goa.. you have to travel for about two hours, but you cannot find good hotels.. especially hotels near the beach. Time is wasted here. Bus journey is a better option. Because whichever day you want to stay in Goa.. if you book the bus the night before.. almost the entire night will be spent in sleep. Also you can book the nearest stop. Dropping can also be done at the place of your choice. 

When it comes to staying..

If you go with friends or family.. there are many villas near the beach. , there are resorts. They are comfortable for both adults and children. Book them in advance if you want to leave the room immediately after your journey. Not all this, if you want to stay in hotels.. hotels within a kilometer of the beach should be your target. Otherwise, if the hotel is somewhere.. if the beaches are somewhere.. you will waste a lot of time. Just like being close enough to walk to your destination is even better. Rates vary depending on the place and hotel you choose. Some hotels offer complimentary breakfast and dinner. If you choose such hotels, you will get budget together.

What time to go to the beach..

Goa is the place to go.. to hang out on the beaches.. but which Do you know if you can go out in time? Even if you go to Goa in winter, it is very hot during the day. If you spend too much time in the sun, you will get exhausted quickly. So plan to rest in the hotel from 12 noon to 4 pm. If you want to go to beaches, forts or tourist spots, you can go early in the morning or in the evening. At that time the beauty of the beach is very good. Moreover.. the photos also come out very well. So don’t miss sunrise and sunset at all.

As for shopping.. 

It is better if you do shopping at night. Because at that time more goods and clothing options are available. Moreover, the shopping streets are very beautiful at night time. There is more room to move around at night than during the day. If you don’t carry beach wear, you can buy it here. You will find them in good options and at low rates. Bangles, ear rings are widely available.

As for food..

If you go to Goa, you should definitely show interest in eating sea food. Because here sea food is more tasty than chicken and mutton. You can eat them fresh. The less rice, the better. Because its cost and taste have nothing to do with it. Plan your lunch and dinner with rotis and chapatis. If you are a vegetarian, you can try salads and veg manchuriyas. 

If you go to Goa with this planning, you can definitely explore more in a budget friendly trip. So keep these things in mind when you want to go to Goa.

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