Parenting Tips in Telugu : Do you know how dangerous it is if you don't talk to your children? Have they ever been asked these questions?

Spend Quality Time With Children : For children to go on the right path, parents should communicate with them properly from childhood. Otherwise it leads to increased insecurity, loneliness and sometimes stupidity. Whether children go on a good path..even if they go depends on the communication of parents 90 percent. 

From childhood..

Some parents The biggest mistake is to neglect children when they are young and concentrate more when they are in college. This is not good at all. You should establish a good relationship with children from childhood. It will contribute to their golden future. Otherwise there will be fraud in the first place.

Not with phones.. with children

These are the days when husband and wife think that they can give a better future to their children only if they earn. But in the 80’s and 90’s, most of the mothers stayed at home and used to talk after the children came from school. Dad used to spend time with the children after going to work. Even if both of them do jobs, after coming, they would allocate time for the children. It can be said that there were no phones at that time and it was a big advantage. 

It does not mean that parents should not do jobs to be good in this era. But no matter how busy you are in your career or business, learn to make time for your children. This will be a good bridge for them to show their trust and love towards you. You will get clarity about what the children are weak in.. what they are doing. Don’t give a phone or a tab to the child.. If you are busy with your work, you will never be able to enjoy their childhood. Moreover, this thing has a lot of impact on them. 


In order to have communication with children.. instead of scolding them.. they should be approached quietly. You should start the conversation with them after they come from school.. or after you go home from office with some smart questions. They should build a relationship where they can tell you everything. But now let’s find out how to approach them lovingly…what kind of questions they will be comfortable if asked. 

You should ask first. How are they doing today? When the children come from school, put all the bags aside..give them a snack of their choice..and sit with them. Bring them closer.. How is today good? Or ask if it’s bad. Do you comfort the children based on what they say in response? 

* Find out what they felt good about throughout the day.

* Snacks, food, class, etc. Anywhere they are uncomfortable. You can ask if they have.

* You can find out with whom they have spent more time during play time.

* If the children have a friend… you can ask them about them.

* You can ask them which game they are most interested in playing during games.

* You can find out what made them happy.

* You can ask what your friends brought in their lunch box today. You can find out what you think is best in it. This will help in preparing meals according to their preferences. 

* Ask them how many marks they would give for what they have done and learned throughout the day. Ask them to give genuine marks. 

These types of questions will help you get to know them completely without causing them trouble. Because kids give you more data without knowing the questions you ask. So what should you do for them? Or how to change their habits. What are the things that bother them? How much attention do they pay to studies? Active in sports? You can support them by knowing things like what sport they like.

Communication is important

Parents don’t allocate time for some children in childhood but.. after they reach teenage, all that is not there for them. rub Everything will be fine if you communicate with them properly from childhood. But if you put pressure on them all at once they can’t take it and stop talking altogether. They are afraid to tell you what they like. In some cases children do not even hesitate to commit suicide. It makes them walk in bad path. It makes them lose their trust in them.

Quality Time

It is foolish to change two curses. If you approach them with love and try to learn about them.. they will start going on the right path. So spend more time with children. Both of them are doing jobs.. Don’t entrust their responsibility to someone else. Have a good conversation with your children after you come from office. Spend quality time with them without drowning in phones and laptops. Or during lunch time.. you can ask questions to them without drowning in TVs. 

If your children are to be active in studies, games and activities they like.. parents should spend time with their children as much as possible. Realize that the real asset you as a parent give to your children is not to earn money by working hard for them.. to give them a good time. Otherwise there is a danger that the animal in every child will come out.

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