Blood Test: Alzheimer's disease can be detected early with a blood test – a miracle of American scientists

Alzheimers Blood Test : Generally through blood test a person can detect many types of physical disorders like infections, sugar, cholesterol in the blood. Doctors also treat us based on these. But recently, American researchers have found that through a blood test, we can also find out which organ in our body is aging quickly. American scientists are saying that due to the changing lifestyle, aging is coming rapidly, which organ will be diseased due to aging in the next fifteen years through this blood test.

Experts say that this blood test can also predict Alzheimer’s disease, which afflicts many people around the world. Researchers from Stanford University shared several key points. He said that the risk of disease related to an organ can be predicted through a blood test. 

In this study, the scientists said that AI technology was used to estimate the protein levels in the blood using a blood test. The research team focused on 11 key organs, organ systems or tissues, including the brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, pancreas, intestines, as well as the immune system, muscles, fat, vasculature.

This research team Knight checked the levels of nearly 5,000 proteins in the blood of 1,398 healthy patients at the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center. They are in the age group of 20 to 90 years. The research showed that the genes reacted four times more in each organ. Almost 20 percent of the patients are rapidly aging in each organ. This research showed that 1.70 percent of people have a 250 percent chance of heart failure.

However, it is known that brain and heart defects are correctly predicted by the American research team through blood tests. However, it is known that Alzheimer’s disease can be detected early through this blood test. As we age, some parts of the brain stop working. Alzheimer’s disease is possible as a result. Due to this, a person may develop dementia. In the early stages, the main symptom of Alzheimer’s disease is said to be memory loss. For example, people with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease suffer from dementia. He stammers even while speaking. There is a lack of response on many subjects.

Currently there is no cure for this disease. But according to the information available, efforts to find a cure for Alzheimer’s have seen some progress in recent times. Both drugs helped in development. These medicines cannot eradicate the disease from its roots. But researchers say they certainly slow disease progression. However, the researchers say that the quality of life can be increased by identifying which organs are deteriorating early through this blood test and taking appropriate treatment.

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