Picking Nose: Do you pick your nose? Beware, the disease will haunt you

Health News in Telugu: Many people have a habit of cleaning their nose with their finger. Some have a habit of picking up dry nasal passages. However, experts warn that if the work is done in the same way, it will haunt the diseases in the future.

Researchers from Griffith University say that in this study conducted on mice, Alzheimer’s which damages the brain is related to nosebleeds. This action is said to cause the brain to build up proteins in addition.

Experts warn that frequent blowing of the nose damages the internal tissues of the nose, as a result of which it becomes easier for dangerous bacteria to reach the brain. These bacteria cause Alzheimer’s-causing conditions in the brain. Slowly it affects the brain’s memory and causes forgetfulness.

A group of researchers in Queensland, Australia conducted several tests on the bacteria Chlamydia pneumoniae. These bacteria have been found to cause many respiratory infections. This bacteria has also been found in the brains of people suffering from dementia in old age. In a 1999 study, when 19 Alzheimer’s brain samples were examined, it was found in 17 samples.

Therefore, researchers believe that Alzheimer’s is related to these bacteria. Griffith University researchers have discovered that Chlamydia pneumoniae bacteria use the route that extends from the nasal cavity to the brain as a way to invade the central nervous system.

The researchers say that this nerve infection is more severe when the thin tissue lining the nose called the nose epithelium is damaged. Another researcher involved in this study was Clem Jones  Chlamydia said.. It has been found that pneumonia can reach the brain directly from the nose. It is said that changes similar to Alzheimer’s have been seen in the brain in the tests. But experts predict that it will be even more dangerous in humans. However, more in-depth research is needed. Some others are of the opinion that when the same research is done in humans, whether the infection is happening through the same nervous system.. or not. This problem is also thought to be caused by an increased amyloid protein immune system response. However, the nasal epithelium is sensitive. Therefore, the results of this research show that it is more important to avoid doing things that harm it.

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