Control Anger : Don't want to hurt loved ones? But control ego and anger like this

Follow These Tips with Your Loved Ones : Quarrels are common in any relationship. Quarrels can happen with anyone in the family, among friends, colleagues, etc. at any time. Are you being patient…others may still anger you. At that time you also got angry and ego.. How long will it take to reply in reverse? But what difference does it make to them, to you? What is the point of returning the pain they have given you? Moreover, sometimes we hurt others and hurt ourselves more. In that case it is very important to control your anger and ego.

Self control, self awareness is very important for everyone. It is essential for personal growth even if it is not for others. If ego and anger increase in you.. your relationships will become distant. So it is better to step aside than to push aside. You can try some things to control your anger and ego to keep your relationships healthy. Now let’s find out. 

Don’t take too much to heart..

If you take too much to mind, it will eventually make you suffer. So to control your anger and ego reduce your mind on anything. It keeps you in control. Otherwise that will be the triggering point for you. If you don’t get offended when others hurt you, half the problems will be solved. You will get a clarity in what situations they are talking about. 

We are not great..

Sometimes we can’t listen to others because we are great.. What do they know? Because it eats. At that time ego grows in you. So there is no rule that we have to correct ourselves all the time.. it is very important to understand the situations. Listen to what others have to say first. Even if it hurts you.. see how much truth is there in what they say.. make your decision final. Instead of trying to prove yourself, get clear on what you are good at. If you think they know what they are doing, your ego will grow easily. 

Know when to stop..

Some people know how to start but.. don’t know where to stop. Sometimes we give back without realizing it. But.. no matter how true those words are.. we say some unspeakable words with a little more pain. They hurt others. So no matter where you start.. figure out where your relationship will be better if you stop. Stop when you think you’ve made your point and there’s nothing more to say. If you follow it, your relationships will always be healthy. 

Don’t Dominate

Ego or anger leads to showing dominance over others. It can hurt other people’s feelings. They think I’m just saying no harm but.. that would be very rude behaviour. Even if you are in a higher position than others, it is enough if you do the work with love without showing dominance. It doesn’t matter if you don’t show love to others, but you should show sympathy and compassion. Everyone has strengths that you may not recognize. There are requirements. So it is not wrong to control your ego and anger. 

Success is not only..

Some people look at the success rate of others and talk. Otherwise they will brag that we are the only ones who have succeeded. Being successful is good but taking it to your head will increase your ego. It alienates those around you. And success is not always due to anyone. Time will come. Only then should it be accepted. Moreover, you should not boast that you have success.. that others do not. Otherwise, we should not cry at the success of others. When these two are in you, all your relationships will be good. 

Whether you win or lose, life goes on as it should. Even in a relationship, even if the other party wins.. even if you give up.. make sure that the relationship also moves forward. If you want to be with someone you like, control your anger and ego.

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