Curd Benefits : Is eating curd in winter good for health? What happens if you eat it?

Curd Benefits: Many types of nutrients are available in abundance in curd. That’s why doctors say to eat a cup of curd every day. But many people don’t like to eat curd in winter because they suffer from cold and cough. How good is eating curd in winter for health? Let’s find out what the experts say about this. 

Yoghurt Nutrients

Yoghurt contains many nutrients especially calcium, vitamin B2, potassium, magnesium. Yogurt is also an excellent probiotic. If you eat curd, there is no chance of heating the body. This makes the stomach healthy. Moreover, it helps us to be healthy. But everyone knows that curd has curative properties. That’s why they show interest in eating curd in summer. Buttermilk is drunk. It reduces heat in the body. But many people avoid curd during winters. Because it is thought that the body reduces heat and increases cold to cause cold and cough. 

Can you eat it in winter?

You can eat yogurt even in winter. Eating curd in winter increases immunity. Eating curd daily improves our digestion. Abdominal pain will decrease. There is no chance of ACDT problem. Being a probiotic, yogurt also contains plenty of good bacteria. It protects our gut health. If we eat yogurt daily, our immunity will increase.

Who should not eat it?

Yogurt also protects you from allergic diseases like cold and sneezing. A research has shown that the zinc present in yogurt reduces cold symptoms. An 8-ounce cup of yogurt with 75 milligrams contains more than 2 milligrams of zinc. It helps in boosting immunity along with digestion. Keeps you healthy. However, doctors suggest that those who suffer from cough, cold and asthma should take curd in moderation during this period. 

When is it good to eat it?

Those who are afraid of cold and cough in winter.. It is said that curd should be consumed only before 5 pm. Eating cold curd at night causes mucus build-up. People suffering from allergies and asthma say that it is better not to eat curd at night. Experts say that eating curd in winter is completely safe and healthy. 

More benefits of curd are these

Calcium in curd keeps our bones and teeth healthy. , keeps it strong. Yogurt is also rich in minerals like potassium and magnesium. These minerals control high blood pressure. Eating curd daily is very good for diabetic patients. Yogurt helps control blood sugar levels. Eating yogurt also reduces calorie consumption. Yogurt can help you if you want to lose weight. Yogurt is also very good for skin health. 

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