Headaches: Why are headaches more common in women than in men? This is the reason

Headaches: Headaches can occur for many reasons. There is no specific reason for this. A headache should not be ignored. Because some headaches can be a sign of dangerous diseases. In a recent study conducted by American medical experts on headaches, sensational things have come out.

It has been found that about 11.2 crore people in America are suffering from headaches. Regarding this ‘Journal of Headache and Pain’ A report named It states that headaches are different in men and women. It is explained that women are more likely to get headaches than men, especially women under the age of 50 are facing serious illness due to headaches. Some of the reasons for this have also been revealed.

Headache due to hormonal problems:

Generally, experts say that headaches are possible due to hormonal changes in the body due to menstruation in women, especially during pregnancy and menopause. Medical experts say that the estrogen hormone in the body may fluctuate, and this is the reason why headaches may occur. It is said that especially when the estrogen hormone decreases in the body, there is a possibility of headache. 

In this study, it is stated that the number of men who suffer from headache in childhood is more. However, migraine headaches in men decrease with age. Because  hormones in men’s body  are stable after puberty. There are no major fluctuations. Medical experts say that it is because of this that the possibility of headache in them is reduced. In another study, this migraine headache starts from when the menstruation starts in women. This study has shown that these pills are safe till menopause. The main reason for this is the decrease in estrogen levels in the body.

Stress is also a cause of headaches:

Men and women are more likely to get headaches due to work stress. As part of the study, if one lakh employees were studied, at least 600 of them fell ill due to severe headache. It turns out that the main reason for this is stress at work. Medical experts say that stress and anxiety can also increase the risk of headaches. Also in the case of sleep,  Medical experts say that headaches are inevitable if mistakes are made.

The solution is this:

There are some solutions to get rid of headaches. Experts suggest that you should exercise regularly, do mental calming practices like yoga to get rid of stress, take proper nutrition, stay calm and stay away from negative thoughts.

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