Tinselling Relationship: A new relationship in the market.. It's called holiday dating

Tinselling Relationship : If the previous generation gave priority to a serious relationship.. this generation wants to be happy as long as it lasts.. without any guilt. As a part of it, new relationships are brought to the fore. Beyond dating apps, love proposals.. giving a new meaning to relationship.. finding new paths.. new generation brings new relationships on the screen. As a part of it, the middle situation brought about the ship. Now bring the holiday dating. This is also called tinselling.

Are there boundaries?

What does tinselling mean? What does this new dating trend mean? Does it have boundaries? Let’s find out things like now. To be honest the new dating trend called tinselling.. always implies that love and affection is not authentic. Part of this trend is that couples don’t express their true emotions and relationship issues during the holidays. .. Don’t discuss your relationship with friends and family members until New Year comes.. or until you find a good time. As part of this, topics that bother you and the family will be temporarily suspended. Experts say that many people choose this to enter the New Year happily without discussing their problems until the new year. 

Divorce Month

At this time partners They spend Christmas and New Year happily with their family members and friends. It represents unity. Because most of the people spend time with family during Christmas in foreign countries. That is why January is called Divorce Month in the US. To avoid this, they are doing holiday dating while respecting each other’s family privacy. 

Red flags..

In a tinselling relationship.. between you No matter how many quarrels they have, they forget and spend their time happily with their families. Even if there is a quarrel between you, it will be postponed without discussing it with them at home. Otherwise it is completely left out. Experts say that because of this space, the two will get some time to understand each other. 

Is the space good? 

However, it cannot be assumed that the problems will go away because of this space. Sometimes it makes the situation even worse. Reluctance to be honest with each other can also lead to more conflicts, experts warn. As a solution to this, they say that it is better if you both spend the festival together in the family without any quarrels.. and then discuss for your decision. 

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