Covid JN 1 New Symptoms : These are the new symptoms of Covid JN 1 virus.. reported by doctors

Covid JN 1 Updates: There is no need to tell you how much Corona has scared people all over the world. Almost everyone has been affected by Covid in some way. Due to taking vaccines.. due to social distancing.. due to following covid rules its effect has reduced. Almost when we think that everything is going to be normal, it keeps appearing somewhere in the form of different variants. But recently the cases of Covid JN1 (Covid JN 1) are increasing in India.

There are also new symptoms..

The first case was registered in Kerala.. Various It also extends to states. Cases are also being reported in Telangana. In this context, the central government has alerted the state governments. It suggested that people should follow the Covid rules, wear a mask and maintain social distance. However, he said that the same symptoms as when infected with the virus during Covid-19 can also be caused by the Covid JN1 variant. But recently doctors have added some more of these symptoms. He said that these new symptoms will be present in covid gen. 

These are the new symptoms..

Two more new symptoms in those infected with covid gen1 that is spreading around the world. Identified. Apart from UK, US, Iceland, Portugal, Spain, France, China, this variant is also booming in India. It is in this context that medical officials are paying special attention to this. That is why it is being closely monitored. In this order, the Office for National Statistics has released new data. In addition to common symptoms like runny nose, cough, cold, headache and weakness, people infected with the JN1 variant are facing problems like sleep and anxiety, it said.  Identifying the new symptoms, they say, will help effectively control the spread of the Gen 1 virus. 

Those symptoms will not appear..

Until December 2023 A study has said that the cases of covid have increased in many countries. Corona is booming more in winter. However, some people infected with the virus do not have the same taste and smell as in the past. Recently, the symptoms like taste and smell have decreased in those who are infected with the virus. New symptoms like sleep problems and anxiety have increased. So doctors are suggesting that people should be more alert about this. 

Because sleep and anxiety are not only physically damaging but also psychologically, people should be aware of this. But there is also the fact that vaccines may not have much of an effect on the patient. In this order, medical officials are once again emphasizing the importance of vaccination.

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