Lakshadweep: Wham.. all the wonders in Lakshadweep, every island is unique!

Lakshyadweep.. This is a world of beauty. It is the smallest union territory in India. This does not detract from the Maldives. It is a paradise for beach lovers. It has 36 islands in total. The beaches on some of these islands fascinate visitors. On one side the blue sea.. on the other side beautiful resorts, peaceful places with green surroundings and many more features can be found here. The sea here is suitable for water sports, diving and other activities. Special places to visit in Lakshadweep

When planning a trip to Lakshadweep, it is necessary to plan so as not to miss the wonders there. Here are the details of some important places.

  1. Minikai Island- Boat Rides
  2. Kadmat Island – Local Food
  3. Kavaratti Island- Dusk Time
  4. Marine Museum – Underwater World
  5. Pitti Bird Sanctuary – For Nature Lovers
  6. Tinnakara Island- Famous for beautiful pools
  7. Kalpeni Island – Relaxing Roaming
  8. Bangaram Atoll- Bhutala’s Paradise
  9. Agatti Island – Smoked Tuna Fish
  10. Kiltan Island – Colonial Spot
  11. Aminibeach – Scuba Diving
  12. Androt Island – For History Search

Miniyai Island

This island popularly known as Miliku is one of the most important islands of Lakshadweep. The lighthouse is a special attraction on this island. It is a beautiful island with white sandy beaches. Maybe two days here. No special payment is required for entry. Boat riding and hiking can be done here. The food here is a special attraction.

Kadmat Island

This island is famous as a coral island. The sea here is home to many powerful sea creatures. It is sparsely populated. Their main occupation here is fishing. Local cuisine is a specialty here. This island is famous for snorkeling and deep sea diving. A good getaway for adventurers.

Kavaratti Island

Kavaratti is an ideal place for nature lovers. The sunset here makes this island very beautiful. This is the island that attracts many foreigners in Lakshadweep. You can also relax on the beaches here. Suitable for solo travellers.

Marine Museum

A lot of information about marine life can be found at the Marine Museum at Kavaratti Island. A special attraction is the shark skeleton in the museum.

Pitti Bird Sanctuary

After landing at Kalpeni Island, small boats are available to go to Pitti Island. It is a small place in the middle of the ocean. This is a dead coral island. An ideal place for snorkeling. But before going here.. you have to make arrangements to stay.

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