Protein Rich Pakodi Recipe: Sunday Special Healthy, Tasty Protein Rich Pakodi.. The recipe is very simple.

Sunday Special Breakfast : If you are looking for a tasty, crunchy and easy food in the morning, Pesarappu Pakodi is a much better option for you. It is easy to make. Moreover, it is also very good for health. It can be taken as a protein rich breakfast. Moreover, their taste is liked by everyone from adults to children. If you want to serve delicious breakfast to your family on Sunday then you can definitely try this. Now let’s know how to make it..what are the required ingredients. 


Yellow pesa dal – half a cup

Green gram dal – half cup

Salt – enough to taste

Onion – 1

Green chilli – 2

Carrot -1

Curry -1 rebba

Chili- half teaspoon

Cumin – half teaspoon

Cornforal – 2 tablespoons

Oil – enough for deep frying

Method of preparation 

First soak the two pulses together for two to three hours before cooking. At the time of cooking, take both of them in a mixer jar and grind them. Make sure that they are not finely ground but raw. Only then will the pakodi become crispy. Now take this batter in a wide bowl. Wash the onion, carrot, green chillies and curry leaves well and grind them finely. 

Add the cut onion, green chillies, curry leaves and carrots to the previously prepared flour mixture and mix well. Add salt, cumin and chilli to it and mix. Add cornflour and mix well to keep the dough from separating and making it more crunchy. Now light the stove.. put a kadai.. add enough oil for deep frying. After it is cooked.. Take the pesarapapu mixture little by little and spread it like pakodi. Keep the stove flame on medium.. fry them till golden color. Keep the fried ones aside. Do the same with the rest of the batter. That’s how hot pesarappu pakodi is ready. 

Pesarappu pakodi can be eaten normally without chutney. Or it can be mixed with green chutney, sauce or tea. They can be taken not only for breakfast but also as snacks. Moreover, they are very good for health. There is another benefit with these. If this pesarappu pakoda is left over.. you can also make kammati curry with it. These are completely protein rich food. So it will be good healthy food for everyone. Even diabetics can eat it happily. Kids also love these tasty and crunchy recipes. 

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