Ayurveda Recipe: If you take mango leaves like this, you can control diabetes and lose weight

Mango Leaves Benefits : There are many people who suffer from diabetes. Some are suffering from diabetes from a young age. Others are affected by diabetes due to age, genetics and stress. But medicine should be used daily to control it. Be very careful about food. Along with lifestyle changes, some home remedies can also help in reducing diabetes. One of them is a drink made with mango leaves. 

Ancient Chinese invented this remedy to control diabetes with mango leaves. They found that mango leaf extract definitely helps in controlling diabetes and asthma. Mango leaves are rich in nutrients. But don’t think this is just a Chinese recipe. Because science has also supported this. A 2010 study reported changes in glucose levels with mango leaf extract. Studies have shown that it helps in reducing blood sugar levels.

How to make mango leaf extract..

Take fresh mango leaves O 15 and wash them well. Boil them in 150 ml of water. Leave this water overnight. Filter the water and drink it in the morning before breakfast. Drink it daily for about three months to get its results. Only then you will get its benefits. 

To lose weight, to control sugar..

How mango leaves control glucose levels in the body.. Mangoes The extract taken from the leaves improves insulin production in the body. It also increases glucose distribution. This helps in controlling blood sugar levels. Besides, many nutrients like pectin, fiber and vitamin C are also rich in mango leaves. These help in reducing bad cholesterol in the body. Those who want to lose weight or those who are suffering from obesity can also take it.

Those problems can also be controlled..

By taking the extract made from these leaves.. Those who go to urinate frequently at night. can take It controls the problem. Antioxidants in it improve eyesight, reduce weight, control diabetes, etc. Mango leaf extract provides relief. Only people with diabetes need not take it. Anyone can take it for nutritional benefits. 

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