Lakshadweep Trip : Going to Lakshadweep? But definitely experience these

Dive into Lakshadweep : In the wake of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit, the name of Lakshadweep is buzzing. In view of some recent developments, celebrities and netizens are promoting Boycott Maldives as Love for Lakshadweep. Tickets to Maldives are being canceled and tickets are being booked to Lakshadweep. They are taking videos from there and posting them on social media. All this aside, Lakshadweep is definitely one of the places you can go on a winter trip.

Lakshadweep’s natural white sand, crystal clear waters, and vibrant coral reefs will captivate you. The fauna here will also impress you. Lakshadweep can be said to be a tropical paradise for those who want to relax especially during winters. If you want to have a wonderful trip to enjoy the warm weather, you can go to this island. But here is a list of some of the things you must do once you get there. This list will give you a good feel of Lakshadweep. The first thing to mention is..


Snorkeling is a must do when you go to Lakshadweep. As part of this you will go into the underwater world. This experience will surely enchant you. The coral gardens and marine life around the islands will captivate your mind. You can see the beauty of corals, fish and other aquatic life up close. If you want to see colorful reefs and unique marine life in this coastal area… you have to go further. Agatti Lakshadweep is an ideal place for snorkeling. 

Scuba Diving

If you want to get more involved in this trip then you should do scuba diving there. Depending on your diving experience level.. you can take a dive trip. Ship breaks, overhangs, drift diving can be done. These take the journey to the next level. Kavaratti Island is an ideal place for scuba diving. This island has unique fishes, reefs and turtles. 

Yacht Rides

Lakshadweep to glide over the azure Jalala with the gentle touch of the sea breeze. is ideal. It gives you a luxurious and spacious yacht ride. A cruise there.. gives you both relaxation and excitement. Gives you unforgettable memories. 


If you go to Lakshadweep, definitely visit the aquariums. There are many museums and aquariums in Lakshadweep. There you can see sea creatures and their related artefacts. You can see cultural activities in Kavaratti, the capital island. Traditional clothes can be shopped. An array of marine life will impress you at the Coveretti Aquarium. Here you can see unique structures and lifestyle. 

You can fish.. 

Minikai Island in Lakshadweep must be mentioned. It is full of beach resorts, colorful coral reefs and lush vegetation. The stunning white sand beaches are impressive. The 300 feet high lighthouse, fishing and Juma Masjid are the proof of the rich cultural heritage of this place. You can fish in such mini koi. The fishing heritage there gives the tourists an opportunity to enjoy traditional fishing. 

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