Baby Food: Are you feeding milk-drinking babies early? But be careful

Side Effects of Feeding Solid Food : When you become parents for the first time, you have all the doubts from pregnancy. These suspicions are doubled after the birth of children. The major question is when should food be given to milk-drinking children. As children grow up, they show some aversion to milk. You can recognize a hint like this and make a food habit. But will there be any problems if the children get used to food early?

What the elders say is.. Children are asked to start feeding any food along with milk from the age of six months. Others think that they can put food from four months. But the doctors gave a completely different answer on this matter. It is said that it is dangerous to give food to the baby early. They say that if you want to feed baby food, you should definitely take the doctor’s advice. 

These are the side effects that doctors say..

Doctors say that if you feed baby food quickly, there will be side effects. It is said that giving solid food to children before four months increases the risk of obesity. Many studies have also proved this to be true. It increases the risk of many health problems like heart and digestive problems. Some say that formula-fed babies grow faster than breast-fed babies. But we should not believe that it is completely true. Some children grow faster than others. Others take time.

When to give food to children..

According to doctors.. babies are ready to eat food in six months. So it is better to give breast milk or milk to the baby till six months. Otherwise, if they are fed food beforehand, they will get overweight and various health problems. It is said that even if its side effects do not show immediately, they will definitely cause problems in the later period. Not good at all. But the baby’s digestive system helps to digest liquids and milk during the first few months. If food is given to children at such time they cannot digest it properly. If you put food in it for four months, the children will get suffocated. It makes the child not want to eat food completely. But there is a possibility of obesity in the baby due to lack of proper nutrition. So it is better if you consult the doctor regularly. Keeping all this in mind, children should not get used to food too late. Doctors also warn that doing so will have a bad effect on the baby. Late feeding of food increases the chances of food allergies in children. 

Identify these signs in children..

There are some signs that you can look for when children are ready to take food. can be identified by Babies show interest in what others are eating. Signs from children include trying to put food in their mouths on their own when they can sit up unassisted. If the food is too much..rejecting it..turning away are the signs given by the baby. All this says that it is the right time to give food to children.

What kind of food should be given..

Soups, banana, apple pulp, boiled food, fruits, Foods like oatmeal and semi-liquid with breast milk are good if given to children. As children get older, they can get used to new foods. But in the beginning, whatever food you want to start, you must take the doctor’s advice. 

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