Salt is a Global Killer: Oh my God – Are so many people dying from eating salt? WHO figures will shock you

WHO Warning : Cooking without salt is unimaginable. Salt is an important ingredient in cooking. Salt enhances the taste of food. Even if you know it is not healthy.. you must eat it for the taste. Consuming too much salt can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease and many other problems. According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, 1.89 million people die every year due to excess salt. Let’s look at the link between actual salt and global mortality. 

Sodium is the most common substance in salt. It is an important nutrient that helps maintain normal cell function. It is also found naturally in various foods like milk and meat. But high sodium intake increases the risk of heart disease, stroke and premature death, according to a World Health Center report. According to a report from Harvard Medical School.. high sodium intake causes high blood pressure. This further increases the risk of heart failure. Moreover, it can cause more problems for people who already suffer from heart related diseases.

How much salt should be consumed?

The WHO recommends that adults eat 2000 milligrams.. or 2 grams of salt per day. That is less than a teaspoon. However, for children, it can be dosed according to their energy requirements. Also don’t give too much. WHO recommends that iodine in salt is necessary for healthy brain development.

How to reduce salt consumption?

Since salt is essential for food to taste good, it is not possible to completely reduce salt. It is better to eat fresh food cooked at home and avoid processed foods altogether. The World Health Organization says that consuming too much salt is not good for health. 

Some tips to reduce salt

☀ The salt container should be removed on the table.
☀ The meal should not be used more than the salt added during cooking.
☀ Processed food should be reduced as much as possible. It is better to avoid it if possible
☀ Reduce intake of papad and pickles.
☀ Do not forget that sea salt, pink salt contains sodium. It is necessary to reduce the intake of salt, no matter what.
☀ Food eaten in restaurants and packaged food use more salt than food cooked at home, so if you stop eating outside, you can reduce the consumption of salt by half. There will be danger. When eating out it is better not to order food items that use soup or sauce.

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